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Welcome to UFO Traffic Report. We are introducing UFO Witness Theater - exciting 60-minute stage performances produced as live radio shows. Each script is based on actual investigated UFO witness testimony from aross the U.S. from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Scripts can be licsensed for your group or organization's meeting, conference, or symposium. You cast the performance locally for a unique show that brings the subject of UFOs up close for your audience.


Licensed scripts in a 60-minute, radio-style format. Cast and produce the shows locally at your event with actual UFO witness testimony carefully gathered and edited from MUTUAL UFO NETWORK cases from across the U.S.

UFOs UP CLOSE: Version: 10.18.12
Two different Arizona witnesses are first to testify that a small, orb-like UFO followed their cars along a lonely stretch of the desert. A total of 28 witnesses step up to the microphone from 15 states in this riveting testimony of cases investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) often with close-up details on orb or triangle-shaped objects that silently changed the lives of each witness. Each case has been closed out by investigators as an Unknown - meaning they've ruled out anything natural or manmade. Don't listen to this show in the dark. Edited and Arranged by Roger Marsh.
Missouri MUFON received 85 UFO reports in October 2011 - making them the highest ranking UFO-report state in the union at that time. Assistant State Director Margie Kay takes us inside the reporting surge to see exactly what people were reporting in these often low-flying reports.
Three strange cases are reviewed with witness or investigator testimony, including: The Case of the Mutilated Car - November 4, 2008 - with Peter Davenport from the National UFO Reporting Center - who details how the witnesses' car seemed to be bent by an unseen heat source.

Licensing Fees

Script single performance fee: $175
Printed scripts: $9 each
Emailed script: $25; can be duplicated as necessary
Additional performances within 30 days of first performance: $35

All scripts include; (1) director's notes; (2) casting notes; (3) show opening and closing music. Commercial inserts are noted in each script. Use our commercials or input your own as a possible fundraising effort to offset licensing costs.