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With hosts Roger Marsh and Michael Rambacher. Producer, Jamie Havican.

March 2011
2 Florida MUFON State Section Director and STAR Team investigator Morgan Beall details an on-going investigation involving multiple witnesses, trace evidence, and some unusual case characteristics - including some unknown human visitors.
February 2011
23 Former (just recently) Arizona MUFON State Director.
16 Roger and Michael are out on an investigation - rerun.
9 First up tonight is a visit from MUFON's Florida State Section Director Morgan Beall, who updates us on a recent Florida case still under investigation with trace landing evidence. This case will be featured on an upcoming show soon. Then former New York MUFON State Director - now a NY State Section Director - Jim Bouck - gives us the overview of a 2009 case with trace evidence. Finally, we are visited by Pennsylvania MUFON Chief Investigator Bob Gardner - also a current STAR Team member, who discusses how trace evidence cases are investigated - and some recent trends in Pennsylvania.
2 Roger and Michael have the night off - so we're rerunning the January 19, 2011 show.
January 2011
26 MUFON's Internaitonal Director, Clifford Clift, is our first guest tonight. We talk about the organization and its benefits to ufology. Clifford shares a personal UFO experience too. Next up is Texas Field Investigator Gary Neitzel and witness Kianu from a December 10, 2010, triangle case in Fort Worth.
19 MUFON Deputy Director of Investigations and STAR Team Manager Chase Kleotzke and a close encounter with low flying UFOs and an alien on the ground in central Tennessee.
12 Roger Marsh recaps 2010 UFOs.
5 More show info soon.
December 2010
29 Florida State Section Director Morgan Beale is a guest.
22 More show info soon.
15 Michael Rambacher discusses a personal experience of an August 1966 experience in Erie, Pennsylvania. Open lines during the UFO Traffic Report for the first time..
8 Psycho Therapist Megan Monroe who works with UFO experiencers; and experiencers Rob, Richard and Lorie. Plus Mystery Guest Roger L. Phillips.
1 Show vacation date - we're off today - but re-running a great first show that originally ran September 1, 2010 - Idaho cylinder-shaped UFOs emerge from light.
November 2010
24 Texas State Section Director Sharon Vining joins us. This show is not available in podcast form due to recording problems we encountered. Our apologies.
17 Virginia MUFON State Director Susan Swiatek joins us with a recent witness. Also - a recent witness from Missouri is welcomed to the show with Missouri Assistant State Director Margie Kay.
10 Two UFO witnesses join us from Redding, California. Roger Marsh has the night off (research deadline) - Michael Rambacher is at the wheel with Producer Jamie Havican.

Guests Dan and Alice join us from Site 516 - a case Roger Marsh and Michael Rambacher have been working on for more than a year. The remote DuBois, Pennsylvania, location on a mountain top parcel has yielded an extraordinary amount of paranormal activity, including UFO and Bigfoot sightings - with lots of photographic evidence. We produced a 63-minute documentary there last year and are pleased to have them as our guests this evening.

October 2010
27 Louisiana MUFON State Director Vivian Walker joins us again - with two new and recent witnesses - Bob - and Casey - from two different sightings.
20 Virginia witness, Frank, joins us to discuss his October 13, 2010, "black box" UFO sighting. MUFON photo analyst Marc D'Antonio discusses the October 13, 2010, video that accompanied the Lewis Center, Ohio, sighting of a "translucent spherical object" at ground level. Roger unveils a new show component - the UFO DEFCON Rating System - where regions, states, and towns may be designated as part of the 5 (lowest alert level) to 1 (highest alert level) numbering system to help understand where UFOs are concentrating. In the paranormal segment, Roger discusses a Cambridge, MA, case from 1993.
13 Pennsylvania MUFON State Director John Ventre on upcoming UFO conference; Louisiana MUFON State Director Vivian Walker on recent mile-wide triangle UFO case.
6 Author Leslie Kean joins Michael Rambacher in U.S. base UFO story
September 2010
29 Two Texas UFO cases where witnesses report live from site
22 Oregon triangle UFO case
8 12-inch UFO reported in Missouri couple's bedroom
1 Idaho cylinder-shaped UFOs emerge from light.